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Products and Services:
If you look around, you will find only companies who sell these small solar systems for island operation, but almost no one of them will mount it. Therefore the photovoltaic power supply of weekend houses is yet not very common as most people are no hobby electricians. And when you have problems with the system, your dealer cannot help you very much. But in that case you can consult me, because my business is specialised in such systems. And if you really want to mount the system by yourself, you can get all products and components which you need in my company, and I will help you if you may have problems.

Here a small survey of products:

Solarmodule 12V / 25 W
Solarmodule 12V / 50 W
Solarmodule 12V / 100 W

Charge regulators:
Charge regulator PLR 8 K (12V))
Charge regulator Solsum 8.8 X (12 and 24 V)
Charge regulator PLR 16 G (12 and 24V)

DETA Solarbattery 12V / 70 Ah
DETA Solarbattery 12V / 105 Ah
DETA Solarbattery 12V / 140 Ah

fuses, circuit breakers, switches and much more.

At this point I want to present you my big assortment of plugs, plug sockets and lamps for 12 and 24 Volts.
Extra Low Voltage 12 / 24V DC

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