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Consultant for energy saving

Fossil energy resources like coal, oil, natural gas and uranium are not unlimitedly available and the rising energy consumption of the world lets the end of these deposits come nearer and nearer. The steadily growing energy costs show you this. Carbon dioxide, which is generated by the combustion of coal, oil and gas is the cause of the greenhouse effect and therefore of the change of the climate. ( www.umweltinstitut.org)

A rarely used resource is to save energy and this will also save you money. A high energy consumption does not only damage the climate and the environment, it lowers your budget, too. Especially when you use electricity, much energy is wasted by useless standby operation, devices and lamps with too high energy consumption etc. In the supermarket you will by a device and with the next energy bill, you wonder why you have to pay a lot of money. You will rarely remember that you bought such an inefficient device.

Therefore I offer you a consultation in which I will inspect your electric system and then I will give you some good advice how you can lower your energy bill. You will get the 28 Euro, which you invest in this (within the city of Fuerth/Bavaria), soon back with a lower energy bill.

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